We’d like to tell you about the things that matter to us, as they might matter to you too. This blog is about Saruya and Fujiyoshida, the local culture and creators, the things that make this place special and the reasons why we are here. You might also learn a thing or two that will make your stay at Saruya a more entertaining and interesting experience.

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History of Saruya Hostel

Saruya Hostel was built in July 2015 by renovating a 90-year-old private house in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and is located in a quiet…

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Locally grown herbal tea at Saruya

When you enter Saruya’s lounge you may notice the bottles lined up on the wall. These bottles are all herbal teas for the guests to enjoy. The blends are…

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Saruya Hostel co-working space

“Workation” in a city’s daily life

With the advent of the Corona disaster, I’ve been hearing the word “workation” a lot. The term “workation” has been coined by…

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Bedding at Saruya is manufactured in Fujiyoshida with high-quality linen

If you have ever stayed at Saruya, you may have noticed that you’re sleeping very comfortably. The reason may lie in the bedding used. Saruya’s…

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