A perfect imperfection, an extraordinary normality

Saruya Hostel is located in an 80 years old house we renovated as part of a city-wide effort to re-animate the area. It opened in 2015 in Fujiyoshida, a city at the bottom of Mt.FUJI.

Many vacant houses are scattered around the hostel and the feeling of loneliness they create is surprisingly inspiring. The imperfection of this cityscape can be perceived as a perfect alternative to the more commonplace expectations of beauty. At the hostel we have embraced this aesthetic and believe the ordinary and familiar aspects of everyday life in Fujiyoshida is what makes this place so extra-ordinary.
We invite you to experience a slower, deeper way of traveling, where you become part of the environment.

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Our Rooms

At Saruya Hostel each room is different, but all of them have the same level of attention to detail and the same great atmosphere. Our traditional layout includes tatamis and individual futon beds, but with modern touches like AC and individual outlets. All rooms are non-smoking and have fast free Wi-Fi.

All our rooms have access to our shared bathrooms, kitchens and other common areas.

Saruya Hostel Family Room

Our Facilities

You will feel at home in our shared spaces, they are comfortable and have the same relaxing atmosphere as our rooms. A lot of care has been put in each detail, from the restored desks to the kitchen tiles, to create stimulating and warm feelings. Please enjoy our work area and lounge which are designed to make your stay ever so slightly more fruitful.

Step into your own home

Saruya Hostel strives to create an environment that will feel familiar yet new, to let you experience the joy of traveling mixed with the comfort of staying home. It’s a new way of living the journey by standing still. We want you to stay at Saruya; by that we mean to spend time here and pervade the space.

picture by @janullob


Fujiyoshida is a city with a long history of weaving and centuries-old traditions associated with Mt Fuji. Our neighborhood nonetheless remained a peaceful place where local everyday life has been spared from tourism.

The decline of the silk industry in the 80s left the cityscape with that “Showa Era” style charm with abandoned buildings and a number of stores that seem to be stuck in time creating a nostalgic and inspiring atmosphere. A walk in the smaller streets around the hostel rewards the stroller with endearing and timeless sceneries.

Being surrounded by mountains and forests that stretch halfway down to Tokyo, there are many opportunities to get a breathtaking view on Mt Fuji from one of the many hiking trails around.

An artistic sensibility

Saruya founder studied art in Europe and imbued the creation of the hostel with a definite artistic sensibility. From the selection of objects, plants and construction materials used in the interior of the hostel to the events and activities we support, we strive to conceive an atmosphere that stimulates the creative mind while letting it unwind.

Artwork by Anne Plaisance created at Saruya Artist Residency

Since 2017, Saruya hosts an artist residency program where artists from all over the world are staying at the hostel while working in a dedicated studio space a minute away from our annex building. Those artists have brought a great inspiration to the hostel and some of their pieces are still on display for everyone to enjoy.

A book from Saruya Hostel library

Our library contains a great variety of art books. You will find interior design publications, contemporary illustration zines made with RISO printing, modern designers essays, fine arts volumes and some great examples of early mangas too. We invite you to take the time to go through those books sitting comfortably in our lounge, while perhaps enjoying our selection of herbal teas.

RISO Printing exhibition at Saruya Hostel

On top of hosting exhibitions from the artists of our residency program, Saruya also organises special exhibitions featuring our favorite artists collaborating on contemporary societal themes or showcasing work that resonates with our sensibility. Those exhibitions are always free for all our guests to enjoy and are also a great way to keep in touch with the local community who visits us on those occasions. We also have some of the work created for those exhibitions on sale at the hostel.

Local products partnerships

We collaborate with a number of local businesses who are crafting their products with a special attention to details. From our linens to toiletries and herbal teas, we want to share the savoir-faire of our local artisans with our guests and let them enjoy the quality of their products. The reanimation of our city is something that we can only accomplish by supporting each other, and we think that highlighting the great products made in our area is the best way to do that.

Linen by Tenjin Factory available at Saruya Hostel

Saruya is excited to introduce Tenjin Factory who has made linen products for a 100 years and still use their mechanical looms to produce their high quality fabrics. We use their 100% linen blanket covers and guests in twin rooms can also enjoy their waffle weave towels.

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Saruya Original Herbal Tea Blends

Saruya collaborates with MYHERBS to create original blends of herbal tea available, complementary, for all guests to enjoy. MYHERBS has started its activities in recent years in Fujiyoshida and all herbs are produced and blended on site.

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Toiletries by Leaf&Botanics offered at Saruya Hostel

Saruya offers lavender shampoos, conditioners and body soaps from Matsuyama, which has a factory by the nearby Kawaguchi lake. They are formulated with less irritating amino acid-based cleaning ingredients. We also sell them at the Shop corner.

Saruya Hostel breakfast made of granola and soy milk

The granola we serve for breakfast at Saruya is home made locally by MAYO sweets shop. It is gluten free and composed of brown rice, nuts and raisins. We serve it with soy milk for a dairy free treat!
Our breakfast option is ¥600.

Access & Contact

3-6-26 Shimoyoshida, Fujiyoshida
Yamanashi 403-0004
Tel: 0555-75-2214

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