Saruya Hostel is located at the foot of Mt Fuji in the Yamanashi prefecture.
Easily accessible from Tokyo by car we are at a 1h30 drive from Shinjuku via the Chuodo Highway.
A highway bus uses the same route and drops you at a station located 15 minutes walk from the hostel.

Please read below for parking information as well as bus routes to get to us.


Saruya Hostel
3-6-26 Shimoyoshida, Fujiyoshida
Yamanashi 403-0004
Tel: 0555-75-2214



Saruya Hostel has 2 parking spaces available free of charge for our guests, on a first come first served basis (in pink on the map).
If you need to use one of our parking spaces please call us before you arrive to check availability.

In case our parking spaces are taken, a public parking is available 50 meters up the street from the hostel (in black on the map). The fee is 100¥ per hour with a maximum of 500¥ for 12 hours.

How to access our parking

Our parking is accessible from the back of the hostel through small streets. Please be aware of the narrowness of the last turn into the dirt road that leads to our parking spaces, big cars can have trouble turning and might need to come in reverse.

4. Proceed to the end of the dirt road where you will see an empty space on the right. park closer to the small white cabin as shown on the last picture here. Saruya Main Building entrance is behind the tree.

Coming to Saruya Hostel by Bus or Train

Saruya is accessible by bus and by train from Tokyo as well as from Haneda and Narita airports.

You will find links to the major lines websites below to purchase your tickets in advance, which we recommend to make sure you have a seat. Buses in particular can get full during the high seasons so please take the time to look up the best route for you and place a reservation.


From Tokyo Station
Bus to Mt Fuji Station (or Shimoyoshida Station)

From Shinjuku Station
Bus to Mt Fuji Station (or Shimoyoshida Station)

Traveling around Mt Fuji by bus and train

The region around Mt Fuji is full of interesting places to visit. Most famous of all are the 5 lakes surrounding the volcano, from which you can have an incredible view where the reflection of Mt Fuji is called “Sakasa Fuji”.

The Mt Fuji station and FujiQ Highland are the two main local hubs where buses depart for almost every major city of the region like Mishima, Nagoya, Osaka, Takayama etc…

The map below will give you an idea of those routes. And we invite you to visit the Fujikyuko Bus company website for more information on those routes and tickets purchase.