Please follow these steps for check-in

  1. Go to the entrance of KIKU
  2. Get the key
  3. Find your room

① Go to the entrance of KIKU

1. Please follow the map below and go to the KIKU entrance.  *The main building’s entrance is closed after 7:00 p.m.

② Get the key

A mailbox with room number is on the wall near the entrance. The key is in it.
You can open the mailbox in the following ways.

  1. Turn the dial counterclockwise to 1.
  2. Turn the dial left again to set to 1.
  3. Turn the dial clockwise to set to 4.

Please be careful not to open the mailboxes of other room numbers.

③ Find your room

Your room is on the second floor, please check your room number that is provided in the message/e-mail.